Interview with Kim Yujin; Talented Dancer and Choreographer Kim Yujin, Has Worked with Famous Names of Korea, Answered All the Questions!

Taking all the attention on him thanks to his talent in dance and choreography Kim Yujin, made many famous names’ choreography such as ATEEZ, Block B, Psy, Wanna One, Ailee, Zoco. Kim Yujin who was born in 1996, is a member of  one of the well-known dance team BBTrippin. He sincerly answered all the questions we asked. Here is the all interview!

1- If Yujin had to describe himself in one word, what would it be?

-Confidence is the best way for me to express myself.

2- How did you decide to become a dancer?

-Ever since I was a kid, I liked dancing and creating something.

3- What is the hardest part of your job?

-I think the hardest part is having to prove yourself every time.

4- You got everyone’s attention in Wonderland era! Many Atinys started to become a fan of you and there were many tweets shared about you. Also thanks to this, many people got to know you in Turkey as well! How did you feel and what did you think when you saw these?

-It’s very good to be paid attantion and liked by many people. I’m thankful to everyone. I will try my best to work harder and be more famous than I am now.

5- You have worked with many idols so far. ATEEZ,Kim Jaehwan,Park Jihoon,Block B,Zico…. What was your most memorable stage?

-All of  my stages are memorable and precious for me.

6-Have you ever been to Turkey before?  If you haven’t, which city in Turkey would you like to visit?

-Not yet! But I want to visit Istanbul!


7- Do you know anything about Turkish foods? Whats your favorite Turkish food?

-If I visit Turkey one day, I want to eat Turkish ice cream for sure!

8- You’ve known ATEEZ since they were trainees and you’ve been helping them. How does it make you feel to see them had grown so much by now?

-They became another dream of mine. We still have a long way to go. They’ll be heading higher. I will give the ultimate support for them to reach higher.

9- If you weren’t a dancer, which job would you like to do?

-In fact, I still have many dreams. Because I’m young!

10- I love your fashion sense a lot! How would you interpret your style?

-Thank you so much!! It’s so nice to hear that! To be honest, I am very interested in fashion!

11- What is your favorite accessory?

-Vintage items.

12- What is the 1st rule of being a successful dancer?

-You need to know the public.

13- Do you have any advice that you can give to the people who want to be dancers?

-Whether your dream is to become a dancer or another, I cheer you up!

14- What would you like to say to people from Turkey who love you?


15-How did you join BBT?

-I told them that ‘Let’s just make it into a movie.’

16- What is your daily routine as a dancer?

-There is nothing different that I do. Its the same as you.

17-What are your plans after returning from the military?

-I will show you the results!


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